Bluetooth headphones & earphones have truly revolutionized the way we stay connected to our mobile electronic devices. We can stay away from our cellphones while working on a desktop or in the kitchen, yet stay connected on that important meeting or conference call with the help of this new improvised tech. Although there was always an option to stay on the speakerphone to attend such calls, which was not a good idea if other people are also present in your room.

To solve all these issues, technology innovators from all over the world have come up with Bluetooth headphones and devices, that solves a lot of problems shared further in the blog:

  1. To stay away from devices: Since mobile phones, gadgets and laptop computers have already mobilized computing so much, that every day you run complex computing algorithms on the go, and don’t even realize it. But 2020 brings a need to further detach human beings from these devices, and make electronic device manufacturing more ethical and less dangerous for end-users. Bluetooth headphones do not use much dangerous radio transmissions for communicating with your main device. Strong radio transmissions of mobile networks, close to critical body parts poses a great danger of harmful radiation over time of use. Hence Bluetooth headsets come for rescue.
  2. Stay personally connected with multiple devices: Imagine being in a room full of people (colleagues, fellow students, family members, etc.) and yet being able to stay connected with your Laptop and the Phone together. My new OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z has made my life really easy. It has enabled me to stay connected, and very conveniently toggle in between my workstation and phone whenever required. I do it by just double clicking a button on my neckband. It’s that simple! Imagine responding to a phone call from your couch, while your phone is on charging in another room. Not just that, as soon as the phone call ends, you can connect back to your Smart TV and continue watching your favorite flick privately, without disturbing others in the room or getting disturbed by them. This is a great advantage of being able to stay connected with your devices – remotely.
  3. Listen to music freely during workout: It seriously makes a difference to me if I am listening to my favorite music during an intense workout session. Not just for good mood, but good music also encourages athletes to get better everyday with a focused workout. Try cycling in a wild, safe location with your favorite music on. To me, it was one of few best things that I have experienced so far.
  4. Increased mobility & virtual voice assistance: Bluetooth Headphones are usually very light and convenient to carry. Not only does it provide users a next-generation feel of communication, but also adds to the convenience of having an answer to any question remotely. Bluetooth earphones communicate with a virtual assistant sitting somewhere far in the cloud of a phone, laptop, or desktop. It can even be a Smart TV or a Car. Bluetooth device connectivity is now being added to every electronic device you hear being launched globally. Try talking to Siri or Alexa while swinging your golf club and you will feel empowered! Just kidding.
  5. Cost-Effective: Bluetooth headphones are not that costly in the market today and that is why having one for yourself or a loved one is very much possible and affordable. I bought a few of these headphones to try their different functions from and I am happy to leave links of these products for you. Can be helpful if at all you are considering buying new Bluetooth Earphones.

Best thing is that all these devices are under INR 2000!